Trade Loot: Cool Surprises From SewingMachineGuy!

I just love this hobby. I've quickly virtually met some great people in just two months through completing a boatload of trades (see my growing list of trade partners on my blog's front page).

SewingMachineGuy, aka Larry, and I have now completed our second deal. He posted about my end a couple of weeks ago. Larry sent me all kinds of cards I had not expected and I'm quite sure were not part of the agreed upon deal. What a great and welcomed surprise!

I will post a few of them. First, some pants worn by a player I probably should go ahead and officially add to my PCs. I'll refrain from making any beer-stained or related jokes. Love the odd tropical frame.
Next, my very first Gypsy Queen! I love this card! I've been trying to fight off the urge to buy into this set. You hobbyists are making it difficult, what with your tantalizing posts of various cards and fun things from the set. For now, I'm going to chase Reds, Tigers and Cubs and other players I collect. Actually, I've also yet to list Chapman under my PCs but I might as well get to it.

For SMG's next trick, he sent me this neato Magglio card. Maggs was my favorite in the years I had partial season tix at Comiskey and remained so when he headed to my favorite AL team. I always felt he was so underrated during his prime. It's like SMG was reading my mind whilst searching for cards.
I also received the Hit King's King of Kings card below. I saw Mr. Rose and the Machine many times as a kid in the late '70s. He was my first favorite player, although I later glommed on to Bench, Morgan, Foster and Concepcion. Great to have this card too as it's one I didn't have.
And, while I received several other cards, I only scanned one more from the bounty. This '71 Cubs card is yet another welcomed addition to my fledgling early-to-mid 70s collections.
The earliest set I'm chasing is 1976 but I'd love to pick up the Reds, Tigers and Cubs from all sets - a slow process I'm sure it will be. I particularly enjoy the look of the '71s.

Thanks again SewingMachineGuy!

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