Moving Cards: Interested?

For reasons I'll get into later, I'm eager to immediately clear room in my card storage and would like to query card bloggers - and those who read them - about whether anyone would like 10 or 20, maybe 30, cards from a specific team or teams.

These cards more than likely would be considered "junk wax" era cards along with some recent cards and perhaps a handful of old ones. I don't expect anything in return for these cards.

However, I'd really like to toss them in as extras in a real trade (you know, one where I actually send something that you want - and you do the same for me).

Cubs and White Sox will be thin as I'm giving these to neighbor kids. Reds and Tigers pretty thin too. Teams that joined the league since 1992, well, I don't have anything really.

Every other team is available. Sign up while the gettin' is good. Make sure to propose me a real trade just to make the cost of mailing worthwhile.

Nobody? Really? Well, it didn't hurt to ask.

Meanwhile, just because I find it hard to post anything without adding an image, here's a card to look at. I have Gypsy Queen dupes I'd like to deal - listed in my last post - but altered since (due to a buying binge at Target last night). If anyone has a list of their dupes or availables, I'd love to deal.


  1. If you end up with any mustache cards left over after everyone else claims their teams, I'd love to have them. Let me know if you have any and I'll send you my new address.

  2. Hey Potch,

    I'll take the Rangers. I'd also like that GQ Michael Young mini. Are any of your Heritage Black parallels Rangers? I can't find a checklist anywhere so I don't know which is which.

    Anyway, I have some of your 2011 Heritage needs.

    14, 17, 53, 107, 114, 187, 212, 218, 219, 335 and 391. I also have 2011 Topps base #76.

  3. Eric: I'll review - probably Monday - to see if I have any worthwhile. If you get a chance, e-mail me your new address either way and I'll update my records.

    PatP: I'll set the Young mini aside for you. No more Ranger black parallels (I think I sent you Cruz, my only one). The list is over to the left, by the way. I also have 30-plus Ranger cards I can send you if you'd like that many. Send me a note if you still do. Thanks.


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