Belated Thanks!

When I ramped up this blog a couple of months ago, I was committed to posting my trades - like many of you do - but in the past couple of weeks I've not been able to do that thanks to too much traveling and various issues related to real life getting in the way.

I've been opening my packages and filing things away and not being as prompt with my acknowledgments. But, in the interest of getting something out there, and at the very least directing you to their fine blogs, here's a list.

Ryan Hughes at "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog 
- Ryan and I completed our first trade. He sent me some GQ and more that I needed.

Derek at Tomahawk Chopping 
- Second deal already with Derek. He sent me some GQ.

AJ at The Lost Collector 
- Third deal with AJ in about six weeks. AJ surprised me with more than I expected - including some coveted Heritage short prints.

Mark at Mark's Ephemera
- Mark had wanted to know if I was keen on a bundle of 1980s Topps. Indeed I was!

Johnny at Cards from the Quarry

- I completely forget what came from this other than remembering it was spectacular. I think it was our third deal already. Or maybe second. We're working up another one as I type this.

Justin at The Hopeful Chase 
- Second deal with Justin. A 1-for-1, I believe, getting him another Edward Murray.

I also sent packages out recently to the following and I'm looking forward to opening goodies from them soon.

Brian at Play At The Plate
Scott Fendley at Smed's Baseball Card Blog
Jim Hall at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes
Julie at  Things Are Funner Here 

So, to recap, sorry about the mass post but I do believe it's important to say thanks and, hey, maybe I'll even be able to get you all another follower. I love making deals with other bloggers and readers. It just makes sense to do.

Meanwhile, my trade pages are updated. 81-83 Topps is the lone exception - but it's fairly accurate. I'll update them soon. But if you're interested in anything else - take a look please to see if I can help out.

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