'55 Jablonski for '56 Kinder

I've been passing up offers for one of my diamond giveaway sites '56s for weeks now but here comes an offer of a '55 - and a Redleg too boot! For some reason I've grown attached to my Kinder but the older card and a player card from my favorite franchise has me thinking again.

What to do...

And, while I have the attention of my two readers, allow me to direct you to my trade pages. I have lots of cardboard for trade - including Heritage and Gypsy Q's. Heritage is updated, 'cept I'll be adding my wants tonight. The GQ list is actually a few posts below and I will be updating that tonight or in the morning as well - and bringing it over to the trading post.



  1. I would do the trade, but that's just me. Heck the only offers I get for my 1960 involve 1980s and 1990s scrubs.

    BTW since I finished the set, I am going into serious Heritage trade mode, so let me know what you need and I will get you what I have.

  2. Thanks!

    I updated my Heritage needs list. I'd love any help and, of course, will look to send you back some things you might need.

  3. I have a 57 and I never receive any offers to trade down! I would jump on that!

  4. Thanks guys. I went early this morning to accept it and wouldn't you know he had sweetened the deal to include a 76 and 78 as well - nothing special but both on my needs list.



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