Banks, Frank and The Killer

I did it. I took the deal dangled by an insider sports site and snagged three all-time great autos - including two players in my favorite player collection. I'm not an autograph collector - owning only a couple of signed baseballs guys signed personally for me at charity nights (and programs containing Reds and Tigers autos gathered in my youth) - so this was something new for me.

But I could not resist these guys! (By the way, the scans don't quite do them justice. Names and positions are in gold, along with gold border - very nice!)

And, for me, the bonus? Oddball cards! (See previous post for my feelings on oddballs.) I think the deal was all three for $20 - so what the heck, I figured.

I also like the backs - nothing fancy but full careers and facts too:
Very happy with all of them, particularly adding Robinson and Banks to my player collections - and Killebrew was pretty great himself, of course.

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