Wheel (er) House Mail Cards

Some of my favorite players both from teams I collect and sets I collect arrived in a trade completed this week with All Trade Bait, All The Time.

I've enjoyed the fine blog for quite awhile but had yet to make a trade with the gentleman behind it. 

I was able to send him the card he needed to complete a 1976 subset Topps set, and some other cards, and he sent me back a nice assortment of cards (including a nice surprise shown at the end) hitting right in my wheelhouse (a word I like to toss around that irks my wife for some reason).

Tony Perez is one of my favorite players from my longtime favorite team. This card is lovely - and in person the Red uni really pops in this shot. It also fits nicely in the Vintage Red collection I've finally cataloged. I'm collecting all Reds from the beginning (not of time, but of Topps) to 1983.

I also got a 1979 Expos Perez and the card below from a set I'm not familiar with. Time to start cataloging my Perez collection.

ATBATT obviously knows me (well, he doesn't but it sure seemed like it when this package arrived) because he hit another favorite Red whom I don't mention anywhere and an awesome oddball in one fell swoop of a card. I seriously need to consider collecting the Crunch set of 22. Sweet.

There were (original and reprint) Whitakers and Morgans and Dawsons - including this perfect card from the 1980 set I'm chasing.
And a Morris and a Foster and Seavers too.

And then this nugget popped out! Seriously? That looks like an autographed Trammell, with ink to match the card and the hat. And an '87 DonRuss, which I kind of dig as opposed to the majority of DonRusses. Donrussi?

ATBATT got two signed Trammells TTM a few years ago and sent this gem along, figuring I would appreciate it. He sure got that right. It looks awfully pretty and he's a Hall of Famer, to boot!

What's that?

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  1. I'm glad you liked the cards. I knew that Trammel would be a nice surprise. :)
    Until the next trade...


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