2013 Cards for Trade

I wanted to get some 2013 trade bait up for anyone interested.

I'm interested in offers of various Reds and Tigers minis, Emeralds, various color parallels, other inserts, Jarrod Parker inserts or parallels  or nice vintage Reds and Cubs, naturally. I have a want list for older stuff linked from the front page.

I also have an assortment of base cards from most teams if anyone has a want list to point out to me.

First, I have a Jose Bautista Commemorative Patch card for trade. Looks nice. 
I'd deal it for any of the rookie patch cards or any other Commemorative Patch, EXCEPT for: Adam Jones, Dustin Pedroia, Trevor Bauer, Yonder Alonso, Billy Butler or Ryan Braun.

Other stuff for trade includes...

Cut to the Chase:
CTC-8 - Ryan Braun
CTC - 15 - Dustin Pedroia

Chasing the Dream:
CD20 - Tommy Milone
CD13- Drew Hutchison
CD10 - Giancarlo Stanton
CD23 - Jose Altuve

279 - Vicente Padilla
95 - AL Wins Leaders
168 - Kyle Farnsworth
41 - Daniel Hudson
240 - JJ Putz

Calling Cards
CC- 5 Jon Papelbon
CC - 10 Tim Lincecum (possibly pending in deal, I'm unclear at this time)
(I have Brandon Phillips)

72 Minis
2 - Dan Haren
7 - Craig Kimbrel
31 - Mark Teixeira
35 - Felix Hernandez
39 - Yu Darvish

Chasing History
CH5 - Yogi Berra
CH26 - Chipper Jones
CH34 - Robin Yount
CH36 - Kerry Wood
CH40 - Mike Schmidt
CH41 - Johann Santana

Target Reds
90 - Andy Pettitte (CList)
111 - Casey Kelly
187 - Nick Maronde

Walmart Blues
I have a stack of these. I'm looking for Anthony Rizzo, Jarrod Parker (of course) and Reds and Tigers. (I already have Latos, Arroyo, Fielder and Fister.)

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. That's a phenomenal patch card you pulled, Potch.

    I'd love to free up the 111 - Casey Kelly Target Red from you. Let's trade!


  2. Joey Bats would look good in my collection. I still have to look for '76s for you...

  3. Looking at the Angels in the loot. I'll shoot you an email.

  4. I have Chris Heisey and Jarrod Parker in the Blue Border.


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