Great Day in (My) Card Collecting History

Seeing a post tonight from The Lost Collector reminded me that I too am celebrating two years of blogging as of today. Nearly let it slip past me.

Appropriately, I attended a local card show today. I picked up some beauts for my collection that I'll have to write about soon.

But, for now, this was a special day indeed. My 5 1/2 year old daughter wanted to go to the show with me after Sunday School. She's taken an interest in my card collecting for quite awhile now and likes to razz me about it. But this was the first time she said she'd come along. I can't tell you how this warmed my heart.

She had a nice time. She made me promise to buy her 10 cards. Well, as it turned out, a few dealers offered her some cards for free. Mind you, no 1953 Topps or 1955 Bowmans, of course, but kind gestures all the same and I was proud of my daughter for politely thanking them all.

One dealer told her to pick out a card from a Reds stash.

From the Kahn's Wiener 1994 collection, I present to you, Schottzie 02. The dealer then handed me a small box with assorted cards - including several mid-80s box topper type cards and what appears to be a full set of the Reds Kahn Wiener set. I haven't checked if they're all there for sure, but I think so.

Another dealer told her to pick from a box and she chose two diamond 2011 Tigers.

Then she saw this.
This is one of those oversize cards. This is more of a personal joke for us but I still admired her good taste in choosing this fine player.

Mustaches have long amused my daughter. If she sees a good one while we're out and about, she'll pull me aside to tell me. She laughs heartily at the very idea of a mustache. I can't tell you how much we've laughed together about them. I even grew a beard in November and December just so I could shave it into a mustache (for one day, while not leaving the house). I, let's just say, don't rock a mustache.

In any case, it was nice to go to a show with her and I appreciated the little gestures sent her way. Another dealer went to get her a glass of water when he heard her tell me she was thirsty. Yet another handed her a team set of - oddly enough - 1992 Cleveland Indians.

She had fun and she wants to go with me next time. I don't expect she'll be interested for too long, but you never know. Either way, I'll enjoy this while it lasts.


  1. That's great that she was able to share the experience with you; hopefully, it will create a life time love of the hobby. If not, it's something that she will one day look back at and reflect on it as something she was able to do with dad. Awesome Schottzie02 card, btw!

  2. Happy blog birthday! Great story to boot.

    Keep it up!

  3. You've already got me beat. "While it lasts" lasted two days for me and my daughter.

  4. A. Happy blog anniversary.
    B. Very cool father/daughter bonding.
    C. Rollie had one of the best 'staches in MLB history.


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