I Like Blogging and Meeting Friends and Trading and Drafting and So Forth

One of my biggest kicks out of running my humble little Internet outpost is the chance to virtually meet other like-minded folks.

You see, when I first rediscovered the cards-my-mom-almost-threw-out and brought them to my home, I got a real thrill out of ...

Pssst. Hey, you there, it's me Botch - no not Crotch, let's keep it clean - Feeler. Before Potch starts rambling, have you checked out this fun post and voted in the first edition of the ultra-neat Hall of Potch? When it's all said and done, there will be a book!* You could be in it. Make comments, for cripe sake!

* There will not be a book. At most, there will be a paragraph in Potch's memoirs that he prints out and stashes in his Trapper Keeper.

... poring over my 1978s (my first) and then digging through the 1976s that Gramps bought for me at a garage sale long ago.

But was I alone in this? Was I just a little off? Soon, some Internet poking-around revealed the closeted world of 40-something collectors rediscovering their youth (and even 50-somethings and 60-somethings!) And, of course, the whippersnappers (anyone younger than my current age).

So I embraced my baseball cards (not literally, that would be weird) and began sorting and staring and pawing and trading and annoying my wife. And, with the trading, I began new friendships. I have met some seemingly great bloggers and, heck, one day it wouldn't even be so bad to meet some of you.

One new blogging friend is Kyle over at Juuust A Bit Outside. Kyle stormed onto the scene in the second half of 2011. He seems like a good soul. I took part in a break he ran earlier and then joined a card draft he held. (Or was it the draft and then the break?)

Without further adieu, here are some cards I snagged in his cool draft.

"Without further adieu" indeed. It took you five long graphs just to get to the point, William Faulkner.

I believe these guys lasted several rounds into the draft. I was happy to get them. While I have no love for either team, I have mad love for vintage of all sorts - particularly quality vintage. I've renewed my focus for 2012 and plan to spend more on vintage and less on new stuff (until Heritage or Gypsy Queen wows me, I'm sure).

Bobby Richardson played for the Yankees from 1955-66 and was an eight-time All-Star selection. He won five Gold Gloves; three World Series title and was actually the MVP of the 1960 World Series.

Post-game trivia: He ran for Congress (Bobby Richardson-R) from South Carolina's 5th Congressional District in 1976. He lost as the Democrats came marching in with James Earl Carter win.

In retrospect, Mr. Richardson deserved his own private scan. But hold on, Bob Allison was no slouch either! To wit:

Allison played for the Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins from 1958-70. He hit 256 career home runs, was a three-time All Star and was named 1959 AL Rookie of the Year.

Allison deserved his own scan, too!

Here are a few (but not all) more cards I snagged in the JABO draft. They include my beloved '81s and '83s (I had a couple but needed upgrades); sparkly cards from teams I collect; a much-desired mini from the Lineage collection; and more!

The Greenberg below is for trade. I'm seeking another 2011 legend SP (doesn't have to be diamond) for it. 


  1. If you're ever interested in trading the Richardson, let me know!

    1. Thanks AJ. I thought of you when I snagged that and I'll keep you in mind if I go that route. I'm really digging vintage more and more as I poke around with it.

      Oh, I think my original Greenberg diamond came from you (I might be recalling that incorrectly) but I couldn't pass him up again in this draft.

  2. No worries! Keep me in mind, but I can understand hanging on to vintage.


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