2012 Flagship: A Change of Heart

Well, by pure happenstance, I found myself tonight with a hangar box of the much talked about 2012 flagship. A friend thanked me for a favor. It was a very, very nice gesture. Yes, recently I wrote all about my plans to not buy any 2012 flagship but after poring over the latest release I can tell you that...

...I'm still not buying it. (Yeah, not really a change of heart. I'm such a tease.)

It just doesn't speak to me much. It seems like a middling art student came up with the design. It's just not impressive, particularly when compared to 2011 flagship's design, which I consider somewhat sleek and sophisticated.

One particular sore point for me this year is the absence of each player's position on the front of the card. That's always irked me.

I'm also meh on the mini '87s. I didn't collect this set so there's no emotional tie for me.

Finally, no legend short prints - a gimmick in recent flagship releases but one I definitely got behind. The legends are being replaced as short prints by photos of dugout tomfoolery, mascots and what not.

So, I won't be collecting the set - other than the upcoming breaks I couldn't stop myself from joining. But to each his own and I credit those of you who are going all-in. New releases are a blast. It just so happens I can't get behind this one.

I don't want to be entirely negative so allow me to state some positives. The photography seems pretty strong. I just might dig the Gold Standard inserts. And maybe the Gold Futures. But then again I might be thinking about it only because of the cards I pulled.

Yep, two Cubs (the third team I softly collect behind my beloved Reds and Tigers) and not just two Cubs but two Cubs I specifically collect.

What follows are the remaining cards I pulled. All of these scans, accept for the last couple as noted, show cards that are available for trade. I'm seeking all forms of Reds and Tigers and some Cubs and any players I collect - as noted on the front of my blog.

A Nyjer Morgan hot box! If you want the gold, I'd love one back or an insert of a player or team I collect, perhaps.

I'm sort of a bigger fan of the next batch due to players featured or uniqueness. Same for same would be ideal.
 I'm a huge fan of the next batch of cards. I don't really want to deal these but, well never say never.

And, finally, the only base cards I pulled of the three teams I collect.
If you want to strike a deal, let me know.


  1. If you want to put those 2 Dee Gordon cards in my stack, that'd be nice. But it's up to you.

  2. I'd be interested in the Nyjer Morgan Gold parallel. Do you happen to need this Tigers card?

    2011 Topps Lineage Platinum Diamond Parallel #143 Miguel Cabrera

  3. I just busted my second pack and I got one Cub Blue Border (Marlon Byrd). I'll swap it for that Young blue border.

  4. I have been trying to keep a low profile because I don't have 2012 Topps here yet and I didn't want to see the entire set online before in my hands...but I can't stay away lol.

    I am not a big fan of either of the two Rockies pics. They seem to be backwards. The Iannetta would look better as a horizontal (landscape) and the Chacin as a vertical (portrait). The way they are set up just looks awkward. So far I've seen five Rockies cards and none of them really popped for me, but I haven't seen the Eric Young Jr. yet and he almost never fails to deliver a great card.

    I love the '87 minis BTW, especially they are '75 mini sized instead of A&G mini sized. I might have to go for the set since that falls right into my youth wheelhouse.

  5. (post from Lifetimetopps)

    I like those Gold Standard cards as well - they look nice, and I always like it when they really tie the set together with something meaningful!

  6. Damn, looks like somebody might have beaten me to the Nyjer Morgan gold card...if Nick doesn't trade you for it I will! :)

  7. Potch - did you see my email back to you? Need your address again for the cards I have for you.


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