Heritage Collection: Minor Points

My attempt to build the 2011 Topps Heritage set continues but it won't extend to the Minor League Heritage cards. That said, I do enjoy seeing some of the minor league players on this card stock/design and so I went ahead and turned to ebay to pick up a few from the Reds, Tigers and Cubs.

(By the way, click here for a look at my Heritage needs and available cards.)

I'll start with the prospect Tigers. I'm guessing the pink involved a special promo night of some sort. Kind of cool to see on cards. I have high hopes for Jacob Turner.

Here are some more prospect Tigers. I had picked up a Nick Castellanos jersey relic a few months ago in a Crinkly Wrappers group break draft. I have high hopes for him.

Next are the prospect Reds that I snagged, including a couple of catchers. Take a look here, immediately after this sentence.

And some other young, possibly future, Reds.

And, finally, here are the prospect Cubs. I feel like I've been hearing about Josh Vitters for years, yet he just turned 22!
I admit I don't follow the Cubs' farm teams like I do the Reds and Tigers but I've heard a lot about Jackson. He finished the year with the AAA Iowa Cubs.

Is he the most prospecty of the Cub prospects? Could be.

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