'76 Cards For Trade

Random post here to see if any of you fine bloggers and blog readers are looking to acquire any 1976 Topps. I've updated my trade list here. All cards listed under "available" are available - even though I haven't included the names with a few of them yet.
I'm getting close to completing the set so if you can help me out with anything, I'd appreciate it. Or, make offers.

And, if you're searching for 1977 Topps, e-mail me your needs and I'll look through what I have. I just came into a haul from this set and thus have many available to trade. I'd love to fulfill needs from my older sets if at all possible - particularly 1978s!

Enjoy the playoffs!

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  1. I need 24 more to finish the '76 set, and you have 9 I need.
    #'s 10, 50, 98, 192, 230, 346, 405, 461, 530

    send me an email of what ones you need and I'll look through my dupes for you.


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