The Search for a Vintage Denny('s): Part II

Vintage Denny('s)
Denny McLain is coming to town in 10 days and here I am without a nice card.

While I'm normally not an autograph guy, he'll be at the small card show that I normally attend and so I practically have no choice but to fork over the relatively-small-for-the-game's-last-30-game-winner fee of $15. It should be interesting. By all accounts (from the fellas at the last show) it's going to be a mob. We'll see.

I'd love a nice condition (no creases, rounded corners, etc.) '65 or '69 - or, heck, maybe even a great '68. I'll do everything possible to make it worth your while. If I don't hear from anyone soon, I'll go the eBay route by tomorrow. I have one McLain but it's not in too good of shape.

For possible trade, I have a decent, growing collection of nice vintage star cards. I'm starting to catalogue them now. It sure would have been nice if I had completed that project so you could take a look and claim something ahead of time.
Not Denny McLain.
The protocol for this signing is unclear. I think I need to present something for him to sign and then return to the back of the line if I want something else. If that's the case, and because I have a family obligation, I'll surely only have time to get one card signed. If it's something different, I'll try to get more than one signed. I'd say my limit due to cost would be two.

The catch to this post is I really need the McLain in mail right away.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. I gots no McLain's, but I suppose if nothing else you could get a ball signed. And he might even through in an inscription!! Good luck I await the post about your success!


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