Tradeable Vagueness

Excuse the title. I'm working on perfecting the awkward headline.

I've been getting my trade groove on this week and enjoying getting back in the swing.

So, this is a blatant fishing expedition to see if anyone has a want list for 2012 Heritage (including a couple of SPs), 2013 Heritage (including an SP or three) and 2013 Archives. I have quite a bit - especially of the first and the last - for trade.

I'm desperately prowling for Heritage 2011 SPs.

I really need to hold my SPs back for SPs, as I'm sure you can understand why.

If you have needs from the sets mentioned above, please direct me to your want lists. I'm basically seeking Reds, Tigers and Cubs from those three sets but I still need to work up my own want lists.

This is all so very scattershot, so my apologies. Just hoping to get a trade dialogue started.

Meanwhile, because I dislike posting sans art, here's an auto I pulled from 2011 Heritage. RED SOX LEGEND Ted Wil....er, Ted Wills.

I'm looking to trade this for a Heritage 2011 auto from a team I collect.


  1. http://cardsoncards.blogspot.com/2004/03/topps-heritage.html

    You're welcome to anything on my trade lists from the above, regardless of whether or not you have any Heritage for me.

  2. Hmm, I don't seem to have much on first glance but I found:

    1983: #451
    2013 Heritage: 258, 393
    2013 Topps (Walmart blues): 193, 224

    Would you like or do you need?

  3. Definitely would like. Let me know if there was anything on my Heritage lists that you are in need of.


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