Sampling the Goods, Bads and Mehs

I'm a vintage guy nowadays. Whatever that means. I've made that fairly clear to the two readers who stuck with me after I returned from my half-year blog sabbatical.

Yet, like last year, I knew I'd act like a kid again and pick up a small sample of the new Topps offering. So, that I did.

In 2011, my return to the hobby, I collected the set. In 2012, I sweared off of the new base set and stuck to it - mostly. I picked up some cards the day of the 2012 release and absentmindedly snagged a pack once or twice. Instead, I asked for your Reds, Tigers and Cubs and made trades to gather them.

That's my plan again. But today, I was a kid again.

The coolest shots of my modest Target hangar pack bunch included the cards above. I pulled one other Cub.

I pulled just one Red and one Tiger card. I didn't scan those cards. Sean Marshall and Tigers ALDS Game 5, for the record.

I did scan, obviously, the fun cards below. I can't argue with anything that makes you smile.

Finally, some more inserts and parallels. I'm inclined to hang on to the Yount and Kimbrel but I'm not married to the idea. Again, players from aforementioned teams are preferable (although I really like those guys).

For a few personal reasons, I'd also love to pick up a handful of pink parallels so if anyone has any available, let me know. Pink Reds, Tigers and/or Cubs would be particularly swell!

So, again, I scanned the better cards. The others didn't do much for me, including:

Ramon Hernandez (COL), Ryan Cook (OAK), Jayson Werth, Yovani Gallardo, Rob Scahill-RC (COL), Luke Hochevar (pretty card, actually), Eric Chavez, Brian Fuentes (STL), Kevin Correia (PIT), Daisuke Matsuzaka, Brad Ziegler (ARIZ).

Oh yes, before I forget, here are the Target Reds I pulled.

Struck out on Reds, Tigers, Cubs - heck, even a White Sock would be nice. 

If anyone wants to trade, let me know. Perhaps we can expand any deal to other sets and needs.

So that's likely it for me and purchasing the 2013 base set. If I attend a show, I'll probably grab some players I like and a few cool inserts but the bulk of my card funds will continue to go to the old stuff.


  1. The colors on the Milone 'Chasing The Dream' look great - the first one of that insert I've liked, so far!

  2. I like those Calling Card cards...thinking about building the set. What would you want for that card?

  3. Beefman: You know, you're completely right. That is a good-looking card the more I look at it. Colors can do tons for a card.

    Let me know if you're collecting/chasing anything. Maybe we can work out a deal one of these days.

    Colbey: I sent you an email. Hope you got it. Thanks!


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