Reminisce: Saturday In The Park With George

A week ago today I was surprised to bump into a childhood hero, George Foster, while deciding last minute to attend the AAA Indianapolis Indians vs. Louisville Bats game. It seems like only yesterday. Ah, the memories. Read all about it! Go ahead, I'll wait.

Cue "Girl From Ipanema" orchestral mix.

Welcome back!

So, tonight, we're attending yet another minor league game after getting an invite from some friends. This one is in our new hometown - our first at what everyone says is an incredible minor league park and experience. I'm fully expecting to make at least a half dozen games this season - including Star Wars night with a friend on June 1.

Yes, Star Wars. It's probably no surprise - given the fact I collect baseball cards and actually write about them - but I'm a tremendous nerd.

In any case, George Foster last weekend so I fully expect to see Johnny Bench tonight handing out free autographs.
Will it happen? Stay tuned!

* Spoiler Alert: The odds are heavily against it.

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