Show Your Cards

I attended my first baseball card show today - having gotten the itch to collect of late. 

I thought I'd have plenty of time - an hour before needing to meet my family. But, quickly, I was engrossed and stretched it to 90 minutes. Mostly, I scouted the terrain. The show is held every two weeks, so I'll have a chance to come back. I realized I could easily spend about three hours next time.

I picked up quite a few cards - including 30 to help fill my 2011 Topps Series 1 gaps (including a Miguel Cabrera gold), a handful of 2010 base set cards (I'm far from a full set for 2010 and would be just as happy to send a lot packing in trades), '77 Joe Morgan, '77 Tony Perez, a '67 Joe Nuxhall, roughly 15 Reds and Tigers from the '80s and a few 2010 and 2011 inserts I like - including three more "Lost" cards - Mantle (54), Winfield (86) and Brock (65), Kimball Champions for Brett Anderson and Carlos Gonzalez, and a Johnny Bench Turkey Red from 2010.

All told, $9 - plus $1 to get into the show. Spent three times that for the three of us to eat brunch an hour later - and I'm already hungry.

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  1. Send me your e-mail address so I can send you an invite to my Fantasy Baseball League. I couldn't find it anywhere on your blog.

    My email address is: ajpca07 at hotmail dot com


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